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Jessica R. - @jess_recupero
"I’m Jess! I was born and raised in east central New Jersey, and found rock climbing when I was 21 years old. Now, at 27, I find myself living and working in the Red River Gorge and loving every second of it. I am immersed in the loving and welcoming community of rock climbers from all over the world, and I climb in the gorge at least 4 days a week while slinging pizzas at Miguel’s. I’m beyond excited to work as a Partner of Cactus to Pine, and to serve my local community with beautiful ropeware! My favorite Cactus to Pine product to make is the Rope Coozies for Mason jars!"

Sarah H. - @thestrongsarah
"I'm a climber based out of Nashville, TN! Despite popular belief, I do not live in my van full time. I am a mental health counselor as my day job and my free time is spent climbing Vfun routes and advocating for body positivity and inclusivity in the climbing community and other outdoor spaces!"

Andrew M. - @thepursuitofgravity
Hello friends! My name is Andrew and I like to do all the things. Sometimes it’s climbing with friends, other times it’s hiking with the pup and the girlyfriend. I met Shelby out in Lander WY at the Intl Climber Festival & instantly her coozies were one of the best and coolest things I had ever seen. Her stickers are pretty rad too!"


Jovany C. - @Jovany_Cuesta
"I’m from Northern Va, and been climbing for 5 years and have full immersed myself In this spectacular community and sport. Climbing has open an amazing opportunity and word for me! I just want to share it with as many people as possible."



Briana M. - @bree._.ann._.uh
"Briana “Bree” Miller (she/her) LOVES climbing and loves getting people stoked on climbing. You can find her at Climb So iLL in St. Louis pulling on plastic and coaching the intermediate youth team. If not in the gym, you can find her pulling on some real rock across the Midwest region or snuggling her cats at home. She’s also a fellow creative mind, and REAL stoked to be here"


"Lizzard" H. - @shehikesthepnw
"I am a native Oregonian. Tattooed, queer, and outdoorsy. I’m and avid hiker and photographer. When I’m not spending my days slinging teeth at my job as a 12 year dental laboratory technician you can find me in the forest, on a road trip, or staring longingly at a snow covered mountain from a ridge top."

Erin S. - @Shivelyerin
"Hey everyone, my name is Erin Shively, and when I’m not out in the mountains skiing or touring, I can be found enjoying a tasty IPA. I can also be found spending time with my wildflower book, attempting to identify what flowers I come across on any hike. My climbing journey began only a few years ago, but I immediately fell in love with it, and the community. I love the snow, the smell of campfires, and the concept of reusing gear in unique ways, so I am very stoked to be apart of the CtP family!"



Myoshi M. - @Myoshi_Maul
"A single mom, crusher, chandler and behaviorist. Climbing provides my physical, spiritual, mental and social buckets! I am so happy to support CtP, a woman owned and operated, environmentally aware and upcycling company."

On the Road


J.C. - @jcaoutside
"J.C. is a photographer who travels full time in his converted van so that he climb in as many places as possible. He’s also trying to visit all the National Parks and has been to 42 so far."


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